DOL/SS/VSD Fire Pump Controllers


240VAC 0.75KW - 2.2KW



Control Panel Overview

The Control panel controls the operation Fire Pumps (Including Jacking Pumps) with the use of pressure and level sensors. The panel is manufactured to comply with Australian Standards.

The front of the control panel houses a 3.5-10’ colour PCA HMI Touch Monitor with control buttons and indication allowing the operator to view pump/system operation & alarm conditions. All System operable points are programmed via the touch monitor, with 22mm standard push buttons for starting.

o Power Indication: 22 LED or HMI Function

o Tank and Pressure read-out (4-20mA Sensors)

o Pump/s run/fault condition displayed on the main screen

o Individual pump status displayed in pump status tab

o Remote access available on request.

o 6 Programmable Digital Outputs, Volt Free BMS/FIP

o 10 Programmable Digital Inputs as Standard

o 4 Programmable Analog Inputs as Standard

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