PLC/HMI Single, Dual & Triplex Sump Pump Controllers


240VAC 0.4KW - 2.2KW DOL


SM1001 240VAC & SM1003 415VAC

Control Panel Overview

The Control panel controls the operation of 1, 2 or 3 mains powered submersible pumps with the use of control float switches or level sensor. The panel is manufactured to comply with all Australian Standards.

Controller can control level via 2 options - Level Control Float Switch or Level Sensor operation. User defined within operating parameters accessed via the front HMI.

The front of the control panel houses an HMI/PLC Controller with control buttons and indication allowing the operator to view pump/system operation & alarm conditions.

o Power Indication: Power on Indicated by the HMI screen illumination.

o Sump Level- Indicated when the sump is at high level.

o Pump No1 Run - Indicated when Pump No1 is running.

o Pump No1 TOL Fault - Indicated when Pump No1 has failed via overload.

o Pump No2 Run - Indicated when Pump No2 is running.

o Pump No2 TOL Fault - Indicated when Pump No2 has failed via overload.

o Common Fault Free BMS Contact as standard.

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