PLC with lamp and switch control Dual & Triplex Sump Pump Controllers


240VAC - 0.4KW - 11KW DOL


OS1001 240VAC & OS003 415VAC

Control Panel Overview

The Control panel controls the operation of 2-of mains powered submersible pumps with the use of control float switches. The panel is manufactured to comply with Australian Standards.

Control via Level Control Float Switch.

The front of the control panel houses a control switches and LED Indicators controlled via PLC for all Automatic and alarm conditions.

o Power Indication: Power on Indicated by “Power On” LED

o Sump Level- Indicated when the sump is at high level.

o Pump No1 Run - Indicated when Pump No1 is running.

o Pump No1 TOL Fault - Indicated when Pump No1 has failed via overload.

o Pump No2 Run - Indicated when Pump No2 is running.

o Pump No2 TOL Fault - Indicated when Pump No2 has failed via overload.

o Common Fault Free BMS Contact as standard.

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